nedelja, 28. julij 2013

Set a time of play on a youtube video

Hey, yall.

It used to work with putting #at=160 at the end of a video, for example. But Youtube changed something - and to be honest, made it much, much simpler.

Now, if you want to set a time in a given youtube video, you simply have to check what lapsed time it shows, then add this to the URL link:
[Which probably means: and time = XX min, YY sec.]

So, if you want to show a specific part of an ultimate frisbee game, for example, like this next nice example of rotation in a stack and give-and-gos, you know what to do.
[This will thus take you to the video, starting at 16:49.
If you don't want to muck around with all this thinking and writing, you could use the good ole ctrl+l, ctrl+c, ctrl+t, then go to this page and ctrl+v your URL, plus state the time.]

Another potentially useful "line of code" to enter after a link is:
, also known as the Wadsworth constant, after a Reddit user 'Wadsworth', who posted a comment that usually first 1/3 of any given Youtube video is crap and thus, worth skipping. :) Honestly, see here.

[PS - It seems the Wadsworth overrules the set-time line, so if you put both, the W. constant will apply.]

Addendum: "I'm incredibly excited..." that the Wadsworth applies also in the case of this, otherwise quite inspiring video about Sugru entering the world of professional fencing. Watch the video of Leon Paul's sword grips ... with the constant applied. (Original site here.)
 Got the link to the Leon Paul's affiliation through another article,titled 'Jane ni Dhulchaointigh: Where Sugru Comes From', here.

petek, 26. julij 2013

častna straŽa le pred BoŽičem

Pod tole se pa skoraj podpisem.
"Jezen sem, ker se sprašujemo, kaj dobrega se je po osamosvojitvi zgodilo, le v smislu življenjskega blagra, ki ga povezujemo le z ekonomsko-političnimi dosežki, ne pa s tem, kar je nemara pomembneje; urejeni medsebojni odnosi, polni naklonjenosti in pristne solidarnosti, z veliko razumevanja, potrpežljivosti in ne nazadnje brezpogojne ljubezni do drugačnih. Žalostno je, da se o tem govori samo priložnostno, npr. med božičnimi prazniki, namesto, da bi se o tem govorilo ves čas in bi se za božič naredil le pregled ekonomskega napredka za preteklo leto."

- Andrej J. Jug

Kaj ima castna straza za opraviti s tem, pa preberite v 'clanku'.

četrtek, 25. julij 2013

World in debt Eric Idle

More versions exist.


Wondered where 'sovereign' comes from.

Well, the online dictionary gives this under the entry:

[from Old French soverain, from Vulgar Latin superānus (unattested), from Latin super above; also influenced by reign]

Under the first meaning of the noun, this is given:
sovereign [ˈsɒvrɪn]
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person exercising supreme authority, esp a monarch

So, basically, sovereign means the supreme ass, right? (cf. superānus) :)

torek, 02. julij 2013

Political leverage, Cold war spying, the Rothschilds & Rockefellers ... and whatnot

Funny, when you think of leverage. When you think of political leverage, the world becomes a Game of Thrones.
So I am thinking, were the documents leaked by Snowden for some higher purpose? With quantities of money involved ... I could see the logic in that. People pulling the strings around the globe, but based in Europe, say, could have, on purpose, made certain documents available to Snowden .. so that that would give them leverage later on.
Germany is pushing for the formation of a US-EU trade agreement which would encourage economic growth. However, Seibert stressed that "mutual trust is necessary in order to come to an agreement."
(See here.)
Ok, backpedal. So, documents were leaked and it appears USA was spying on certain countries and unions. Meh.
Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee and ex-staff member of a private contractor working for the NSA, disclosed secret documents revealing US surveillance programs and British secret Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) sharing its intelligence with NSA, as part of the Tempora data collection project.
I am just saying that if you saw this cartoon named The American Dream, you've got this image of tentacles with a red herald stuck in your brain that's hard to erase. (Sigh. And I do guess that was the point of this anti-anti-propaganda.)
But, at the end of the day, isn't everyone spying on everybody all the time, anyway?
In the wake of European outrage, US Secretary of State spoke out in defense of the US, maintaining that the mass surveillance of allies was "not unusual." (Source)

Funny enough, the previous article I read, titled Ecuador 'helped Snowden by mistake,' asylum in doubt (link), I didn't even need to read the whole thing to get there was a call or some pressure made (the accounts of Ecquadorian president and RT differ, somewhat, see below):
Ecquadorian president:
"So he knows about the call made to me by Joe Biden? And he says he called to pressure me. I would never accept such a call," Correa told AFP. He added that he had sent a message to Assange via the Ecuadorian foreign minister, Ricardo Patino, to refrain from interfering in Ecuadorian affairs. "
And RT: "Ecuador, by all accounts, was the nation most likely to accept Snowden despite pressure from the US. Correa spoke to US Vice President Joe Biden by telephone Friday, though, and has since backpedaled from the assumption that Snowden would be welcomed with in his country open arms. In a weekend address to the nation, Correa said the conversation was "cordial."
Biden's call was the highest level conversation between the US and Ecuador since the Ecuadorian ambassador publicized the initial asylum request.  "They did discuss Mr. Snowden, but we are not going to provide details on their discussion," NSA spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan told The New York Times Friday."
Funny, eh?
Especially, since after the call, this statement is made:
"It was a mistake on our part," he said. "Mr. Snowden's situation is very complicated, but in this moment he is in Russian territory and these are decisions for the Russians authorities."
I think Correa's and Snowden's Facebook status would read: 'It's complicated' at the moment.

At the end, I like Game of Thrones. It's a series of nice books. With some nice quotes. Like the one about the Climb and chaos. Or about playing The Game (below).
- "Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you. Remember that, Sansa, when you come to play the game."
 - "What...what game?"
 - "The only game. The game of thrones."
(Exchange between Littlefinger and Sansa.)
See also/based upon: New Snowden leak: US bugged dozens of foreign embassies (link)
and Ecuador 'helped Snowden by mistake,' asylum in doubt (