sreda, 04. avgust 2010

Summer break ... give me a break!

  There is absolutely no such thing as a summer break. Not anymore, anyway. This is, I believe, my third, perhaps my fourth year of not having quite the vacations I wanted and pictured - still have some exams I need to see through.
  Yeah, I know - "THIRD?? FOURTH????" you'll say. And you'll be right - I'm not having a hard going, that for sure. But still. It would be nice to chill at the seaside for a forthnight, without having to worry about absolutely anything else. And just ... relax, have "sexy-time" as Borat would put it and read books. Lots of them.

  Oh, and: can someone please tell me how I get rid of spam comments on my blog? I've got some chinese/mandarin/asian guy posting jibberish and expect me to follow the links ... ! Yelps!

2 komentarja:

Nina pravi ...

spam him back ;)

Aljo pravi ...

Ne upam si;)
Boječka, ampak - mislim, da če bi kliknu na njegov "blog" oz. kar pač to že je, bi se mi začelo kaj nasty-jastega downloadat na računalnik, tega pa nočem.

Bom raje googlal, an answer will present itself in due time, I'm sure of it.