sreda, 13. oktober 2010

Science and World Time

Stand back ...
... and many other, really cool comics and snippets (what's a snippet - surely not a small-sized, funny piece of information?) are available to everyone with an ounce of sense for surfing + on xkcd for those, less prone to i-waves.
  On another note (or more likely, the same), I found the picture I'm posting bellow, undoubtedly from as well - this and similar problems about the world always nagged me. It's kind of ironic, isn't it, when you think about it.
  The other day I was trying to explain something to this Dutch girl - how we are from Slovenia and always try to portray ourselves as being in Central Europe, but we're happy if the put us in the Southern Europe as well (if Italy's in, so can we) and how we don't like it if they try to mentally shuffle us into Eastern Europe - enough confusion there, with "Oh, yeah, you guys split up with Cheque sometime ago now, eh?" No, darn it! That was the Slovaks, were Slovenians ... What an unfortunate choice of names ...
  But then again - we can spell LOVE to whomever we write in Slovenia. Just how cool is that!?

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