ponedeljek, 05. december 2011

Ultimate 1 - kako bi ga opisal?

How would you describe Ultimate to someone who does not know it?

Ultimate is a combination of three sports: 1) American Football - the field set up is similar, with end zones at either end, and the object is to advance the disc into one of those while preventing the opposing team from advancing it into the other. 2) Basketball - the person catching the disc can not run after gaining possession, instead they must establish a pivot foot at one spot on the field while they look for a teammate to throw to next. 3) Soccer (or proper football! :) – lots of sprinting, changing direction, and moving without the disc to create spaces on the field which your team can attack.

From the interview with Greg Conelly, a.k.a. Scoops, found on Ultimate Slovenia's web page: http://www.ultimateslo.si/novice/scoopscamp2011intervjuzultimategurujem

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