petek, 13. januar 2012

Couchsurfing has become a profitable organisation?

From an e-mail you get as a new-joined memeber:

 [CS msg: Hikecrazy] Hi! Welcome to CouchSurfing - Greetings from San Francisco!
Finally, you might have heard or might hear in the future that CouchSurfing has recently changed its status from a non-profit organization to a B corporation, which is in fact a for-profit company. It is important to underline that CouchSurfing and its base services remain still FREE to use: so far the only OPTIONAL paid service is the verification service.
//Ciao! Jon

Now, this is all fine and dandy, untill you get a bit more into the thing; another couch-surfer (or at least somebody with a CS profile) says:

don't touch the couch request-button! It has finally been decided: CouchSurfing International Inc. has been denied charity status, as many of us have predicted would happen since 2007. It's official now: Couchsurfing can no longer pose as a charity, but is forced to admit it's a hardcore commercial business. Don't be fooled by the claim that CS is 'a socially responsible B corporation'. This only means they bought a B-Labs certificate, and has no official status whatsoever. CouchSurfing is commercial. This is a big step forward. Now the bunch of incompetents that call themselves the CS management (...)

Ach, weel, what can we do? As long as CS isn't buying blood diamonds in Africa, cutting down the forrests in Sumatra, etc. Or is it?

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