nedelja, 17. junij 2012

Volounteer position in Peru available

There's a Volounteer position in Peru available, jul/aug 2012 - June 2013. Work will be done for a project on the mating system of saddle-back tamarins, Saguinus nigrifrons, we are offering 1-2 volunteer positions. See attachment for more info.

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Bondi pravi ...

I got offered this position but was currently at another field site working with Spider Monkeys. But I exchanged several emails with Dr. Heymann and he sounds to be pretty nice and the place looks lovely. You should volunteer Aljaz... and then we both could become primatologists!

Aljaz' pravi ...

Ha, ha!
I can't - I'm doing a master now, here in Wageningen, in the Netherlands and I am running out of money, as it is:)

But soo nice to "hear" from you! Send me an email, will you? Maybe a Skype some day in the near future?