petek, 16. november 2012

A dip in the Eurozone

"The 17-country eurozone has fallen back into recession for the first time in 3 years, All the effort from the region’s powerhouses - Germany and France - was nullified by weakness elsewhere."

"The Eurozone recession poses a threat to the rest of the world, as any fall-off  in  demand will hit the order books of its trading partners.  For Russia, the Eurozone is its biggest trading partner, but so far revenues from energy sales have remained relatively stable.
Despite falling sharply in 3Q 2012 Russia’s GDP growth rate remained positive during the period– at 2.9%, compared to 4% in the 2Q, according to estimates by Russia’s Statistic Service.

At the moment the Eurozone, with its 332 million population, is the US’s main export customer. It is also a major source of sales for the world's leading companies. Forty percent of McDonald's global revenue comes from Europe – more than it generates in the US."

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