petek, 13. september 2013

What's Your Story?

The following I re-post in full, as it almost totally reflects my own thoughts. Stories fuel the world. Source below; read the rest, it's kinda cool.
What's your story?
Most people who build presentations forget that they are actually (or should be) telling a story. I like to think of business presentations as just story's for grown ups. Even though we are all very mature professional people (myself excluded) we do still love a good story. It's why we spend Billions on movies and cinema tickets every year. We love to be engaged with a story, and have done so since the stone age. This is something that in my opinion will never change for human beings. But the way in which we tell our stories will get more and more advanced.........Prezi, 3D movies, Holographics, and so on. This is extremely exciting, BUT no matter how advanced things get there will always need to be a good written story behind everything.
  Remember 'Content is and always will be king'.

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