torek, 27. maj 2014

The Age of (Un)natural Inventions

Ho, luckily I'm not there yet. So, still exciting. Referring to the 'supposebly' Douglas Adams' three human reactions to new technologies (image below, got it from a tweet, here).

In the spirit of the post, here's my selection of the best inventions I recall from only the last 5 years.
Have you seen:
  1. The awesome self-inflatible biking helmet, Hovding? A collection of links, info, here.
  2. An all-year-round beer/drinks cooler, that also looks cool. Oh, it doesn't need any electricity, once installed. See link here.
  3. A keyring that calls out for your keys, Chipolo (Slovenia) crowdfunded here.
  4. A toy that talks and teaches your kid, and responds to him or her, Ubooly, here.
  5. Copenhagen wheel - attachable wheel that powers up while you cycle, and helps you (up hill) faster, here. And same same but different (yet, Slovenian) version, FlyKly here.
  6. Because I've tried it and it works (to reasonable physical limits of bending), Sugru with magnets!
  7. Solar powered flash light: BoGo light: Buy one, Give one, a nice concept* with a useful product.
    (*Can't find it, but the idea of a pink flashlight in Africa (so that men wouldn't steal it from women) is touched upon here.)
  8. One laptop (that can be winded-up) per child [empower the world's poorest children through education], here OLPC project, here: XO laptop (and tablet?). TED talk here.
  9.  ? (tell me of more you know of)

So, I'm glad to be looking at another 7 years or so of wonder and amazement in tech world. (Though I'll strive for like, 77 years, just to be on the safe side of Wonder.)

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