petek, 30. november 2007

Can bigger be cleaner?

A question, that is or at least, should be always posed when dealing with people, (companies & corporations, above all) should be:
for whose benefit is it? (... For the benefit of the "little people"? Living (ie, dying) species around the globe? Slaughtered raccoons, dolphins, dogs, ... Ya, right!)
"Oh, look, mummy, but there are still good .. croporatoins out there!" And he/she points to ... Google?
Google's contributing ... to it's own pocket ... in the short term, anyway.
"No, Johnny. It's t h e c o r p o r a t i o n, and they always act for their own good."

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So ... if you're really tired of all of this ... let me tell you that yeah, they are doing it for their own good, (ie, increase of profits), but also, it is a bigger drop of water into the ... glass of the world.
For the moment, it is important to halt the global climate crisis. So if one company goes green and people say: "oh, I like this. Clean energy, carbon neutral ... I'm buying!" ... then other companies will follow the exapmle.
But - to what expense? And how soon?! Everybody should act. You know, think globally, act locally. Cause:

it isn't just about the raccoons or frogs anymore.

Every morning, when you look at yourself in the mirror, people see an extinct species.

Let's make sure that won't be true, shall we? Because I tend to quite like life, thankyouverymuch.

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