sobota, 12. september 2009

Migratory paths of the Elk deer

In the vast and not entirely thorough search of myself, I found out I really do not give a shi..shkebab about Elk migratory routes. Honestly, I don't. Try again tomorrow.

  The purpose of me writing these lines is entirely obscure and probably doesn't even show up on the fate maps. It's probably safely stored in a prophecy, hidden somewhere on the vast shelves of the Departement of Mysteries.
    If you're by chance, wondering
    a) aimlessly around the town (or were, obivously, since NOW you seem to be reading these lines over here), I'm really sorry. You have to get over him/her. (Unless of course it is your life you want to get over (with) - then don't. Talk to someone. Do something fun or silly, type of things that you used to do as a kid and really enjoyed them. (If you really weren't a sycho and others were enjoying it as well, then you may do them.)
    b) why I mis-spelled 'wandering' I didn't. I was just wondering if you'd notice.
    c) WHY in the blazes am I using this many links, the answer would be: because I really like to point interesting thigs OUT, or to "say" a joke, without actually saying it ... or just because I would really like to find another person (preferably of the female gender) whose mind works like mine.
    d) what is the answer to Life, Universe and Everything, it's 42. Or actually it's 59 or 56 ... in another number system.
    e) why, oh, why have we not been contacted by any alien life forms, you may want to reconsider your question. We call Them A L I E N S . How on Earth would you feel if someone called you a freak for couple of hundred years and then they'd be telling you "sure, why don't you just drop by for a quick chat?"
    f) if Michael Jackson is still alive, I'd say no. Well, either that or have it your way and read Frédéric Beigbeger's 99 francs (or 14,99 €).
    g) how the hell do I do         this, I can tell you only this: it's Magic. (lol - it doesn't even show in the post. Right - I meant the spaces ... the empty spaces before words ... you type "& nbsp", altogether, without the space in between, and then you put two spaces after it and it works. (It used to irritate me, when I wanted to do this, but Blogger just didn't recognise what I was doing gramatically, so it just ignored my efforts to write as people should write;))

  I actually found a nice blog (Brian Sibley's blog), whilst searching for a favourite quote from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel:
"When the tip of his staff passed, it left a line of glowing octarine, the EIGHTH colour of the spectrum, The Colour of Magic, the pigment of imagination."

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