sreda, 07. oktober 2009

U2 360° tour Zagreb, 10. 8. 2009

  In case I've forgot to mention ... I've been to the U2 concert!
Been there, done that (pissed on a wall, actually) and HAVE got a T-shirt! And it was amazing (the concert, not the piss)! The stage was round (see below)... with a huge big screen - in search of a better word - "TV" all around, Bono, the Edge, and the other one (Adam Clayton) were walking above our heads, around us - for we (my friend and I) had the privilege to be in the red district. Sorry - it was called the red zone. (Actually, we came to the site so early, they just let us in and we got stamped ... and could go out to get beer and so forth and so on. (AND we pissed against the wall, when there was a HUGE line ... for the 40 toilettes of both genders.)
  So here's a link to the blog, where there are a couple of nice photos.
U2 360°tour Zagreb 2009
Definitely a MUST!

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