torek, 20. oktober 2009

Meet the Robinsons and 86 years of Disney's Animation

This past weekend I had a trip to the future - I've Met the Robinsons. And boy, are they great;) Gimminie Cricket!
  Apparently Walt and Roy Disney, brothers, set up a small studio on October 16th, 1923. As you probably know ... it has grown a bit since.
  Disney left us with magic that some of us have had a chance to get to know and grow up with. None of this modern, fast-motion, square robot mumbo-jumbo. Sure, the Ice Ages are OK, Shrek rules and et cetera. But if you compare even the latest Disney cartoon motion pictures and the olde ones (Lion King, Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, ...) you will see they had much more sense for background (probably the pressure on finishing the cartoon faster and faster nowadays is bigger, back then they just wanted to create the best they could so they really worked on that. (watch the youtube clip)
  Well, anyways, you can't top the top of the top, Disney's Classics are and will always be classics. Such as Aladdin. Absolutely amazing - saw it again after several years just Saturday past.

So - you can watch the Disney's Meet the Robinsons here.

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