sreda, 14. avgust 2013

Anti-gay is anti-traditional

I don't know. I seriously don't know how to respond to such ideologies and their manifestations. In a time when its supposed to be more and more accepted. Putin, you suck.

Please, how do you define 'nontraditional'? As in .. not existing ... before or simultaneously with 'tradition'? So, you're saying gay didn't always co-exist with "traditional"? Oh, boy. I seriously hope some of the best athletes of the world will cancel their participation in "The Games" like, 1 day before the event. Or hold hands and kiss. Being incarcerated just AFTER you've won a medal. Mmmm, that'd raise the media and world's attention.

"People of nontraditional sexual orientations can take part in the competitions and all other events at the Games unhindered, without any fear for their safety whatsoever."


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