torek, 13. avgust 2013

Headaches of the Midnight Fox and Eileen Sheehan

Kr kul.

Sample piece from Song of the Midnight Fox

When she doesn't want to make love
he says, What's wrong?
As if something must be.
She says, There's nothing wrong.

He says, But there must be something wrong,
the master, needing reasons

She feels she should
have a note from her mother...

Dear Sir
Would you please excuse my daughter from sex
the time of the month is not right
she's worried about he telephone bill
an earthquake rocked Tokyo tonight
she's afraid of waking the baby
Halley's Comet won't pass again for sixty seven years
she's afraid of making a baby
and the Dow Jones index showed
an unfavourable low at close of business
and you probably did it last night
two nights ago at the most...

He nudges her with his elbow;
Go on, you can tell me whats wrong
Was it something I did? Something I said?

But there's nothing wrong. I keep telling you!

Deflated, he heaves towards the wall,
taking his questions and most of the blankets.

Freezing on the edge of the world
she knows that nothing is wrong,
for tonight she has learnt three things:

about ego,
the tug of the moon,
why women invented the headache.

See here about the author, Eileen Sheehan.