ponedeljek, 08. oktober 2007

go wild ... literally;)

Yup - everybody's doing ... it, so why not you?

"Biti zelen, je postala pomembna tržna niša oz. dodana vrednost podjetja. Dejansko, če sledite spodnjemu linku, sem naredil BANKI HSBC reklamo --- zakaj? Ker so bolj zeleni in ker sem tudi jaz bolj "zelen" in je meni to npr. pomembno + še en razlog več, da ostanem pri njih.

To be green has become a major market niche, ie, added value in the sense that if a company can offer me, as their customer, a viable option of "being green" thorugh them, to me, they have gone up a scale. Take a look at the bank HSBC's Go green option.

Funny, though, how things coincide - hm... "you're green - wau! So are we! Come and spend money with us!!!":))) So do not be hoodwinked by these .. modernday-dirtycapitalism-hipocrisy. The bigger wave has yet to come. Unfortunately.

But still: this week's special: GO WILD with BBC, which is supporting BTVC and the Wildlife Trusts across the lands.

Have fun, kids:)

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