sobota, 06. oktober 2007


Najuspešnejši slovenski bend,(edini zapolnili stadium, poleg Kelly Family ... še Iron Maidni so imeli manj ljudi, btw.) Siddharta have pulled the biggest one.
Pink Floyd would have probably called it "The Great Gig in the Sky" ... er, Hala Tivoli.

Tak inu bolje je bilo.

I also went to a concert - of the most sucessful slovenian band of the last 10 years ... Siddharta ... and they again, did what NO ONE else has ever done, ever:
they played, on a 4,5 (perhaps 5) hour-long concert, ALL of their songs. ALL 53 so far. Out of those, they played every production they had with other bands ... Vlado Kreslin, the Legend. Dan D; instrumentals with Godalika, ...
It was magical and inspiring. Given that you rarely go home really thoroughly satisfied with what you've received for your money, this probably was - the best concert of my life.
Tomi ... sej si lep, ampak -- mja, no. U izi;)

Oh, And - the LINK TO THE INTERVIEW - in Slovenian, v Slovenščini!

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