ponedeljek, 12. maj 2008

Gifts for a LIVING planet

A gift at WWFWWF ali World Wildlife Fund je mnoge (vsaj mene) navduševal že kot otroka. Se še spomnite tistih zelenih albumov, v katere smo lepili sličice z redkimi in ogroženimi vrstami? For me, one of the first steps to conservational biology (and sadly, still one of the only ones I made thus far. (Have to pass my first year, first;)

Well, the reason for this post is quite obvious: something quite coolishly conservational and eco-doh-logical: Gifts for a living planet
The point is - you can give someone say, a "Give a goat to-a-localfarmerinorderforthemtostophuntingthesnowleopard and save a snow leopard".
Habitat of pandas as a gift. Quite a cool gift, If you ask me (someone who got it, actually;) "I" sent a turtle to rehab. Aaww, don't you just love your girlfriend? Over and out.

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