četrtek, 29. maj 2008

The Animal planet (animals save the planet)

One link I gt these days you simply got to see: nice - humorous and witty videos of animals made of play-doh, doing stuff they shouldn't be doing, stuff we're doing ... and should.
So to go to the videos page: click here.
turn on the speakers!

To figure out what you can do, straight away, is what green people and orgs are sounding for years now: reduce electricity and water consumption, drive a bicycle or walk, use renewable resources, recycle, energy-saving light bulbs, new insulation, ya-di-ya-di-ya.
Check out the bear and the penguin and the hippopotamus! The eels are quite wicked as well;)
I'll finish almost like in that song: "Save you, save me, save us together, ... naturally!"
The Animals save the planet.

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