sreda, 02. julij 2008

Xkcd comics

Right;) This is something new I found on the net1 (not that I was explicitly looking for it, but I just wanted to find the link to one of the comics I saw the other day and - voilla! Found the Source. Neo of the Matrix would've been proud;)

and then one other is also really nice: This one is for all of the gents and gals, madly in love with life or each other or both;)

For MZP from TDF***

  1. From a blog of a guy called Dwight Silverman, I am copying this bit:
    /.../ recently discovered xkcd, which features crude stick figures and razor-sharp geek wit.
    They're drawn and written by Randall Munroe, who has a degree in physics and used to work on robots for NASA, which certainly qualifies him to do a geek comic. Among other topics he's tackled: love and software deadlines, love's illusions shattered and sleazy uses of Facebook. It reminds me of one of the first regularly updated comics on the Web, Stafford Huyler's NetBoy.

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iiii, kok je lep un ta drug stripek!tak naivno kjut! =)