ponedeljek, 14. julij 2008

It is ... over!

Finally - the exams have gone and have gone well. Much better than, say, last year.
I've got to know a couple of secrets and adapted a bit to the life of biologists;), thus my "examming" went much, much better - well, if nigh (?) else, I can now enroll into the higher grade. (2nd, for the second time (changed uni).)
Today, wrote my last exam this month and - well, now just made a little dinner for my dad and I, to celebrate a bit. It was quite ok, mediterranean sort-of, potatoes with onion, in garlic and parsley "sauce" (in olive oil), with a wondrous little cherry-tomatoes with ruquola and lime ... Mmm!

So take care, see yuh soon, Love Monty Python which I'm downloading and Rowan Atkinson's Jesus, Welcome to hell and the rest.

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