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Castration for Polish Paedophiles Opposed

'This legislation is turning medical treatment into a form of punishment. We are not against the use of hormonal treatments to control the sexual impulses of those with a history of sexual violence, but we support its use as a treatment instead of a punishment, and it should be evidence-based and require the consent of the person undergoing the treatment.'
vir: Rights: Castration for Polish Paedophiles Opposed.

  Oh, come on!
  I mean, just the other day (it was actually past Tuesday) we were debating with our professor on paedophile-mania we have in the world. NOW, the 1st grade teachers are not comfortable with touching 4, 5, 6, 7 year-olds, afraid of the act being labeled as pedophilia. HELLLO?
  I mean, If you're form a country with a long record of anti-pedophile propaganda in the media, can you just, for the sake of my arguments, cast yee judgements aside? See, here in S.LOVE.nia, this has not gone so far. Probably because the people have been more scared of a) coming out, b) telling the stories of harassment and so on, ... and so we haven't had many of those.

  BUT! A kid of 5 doesn't wear a tie in Slovenia and can barely tie his own shoes (different system;). How in the world is education supposed to be relaxing for the kid, educative even, and SAFE, if the teacher is not allowed (or is mortified by the fear of losing her/HIS job) to touch the child, say, in order to assist him/her with climbing on the playground.

  And this is also sexism! Male counterparts are practically all labeled "gay" and "pedophile", until proven otherwise. Come on, admit. Everyone has been eying everybody else differently in the past few years, since The March Of The Homosexuality and the pedophilia occurences.

  And just imagine: because of all the fear in the world and the people (the young parents and psychologists), a guy would be labeled a pedophile faster nowadays. According to some, it is best treated with hormones and drugs, to cure him of the notion.
/.../ Turing's homosexuality resulted in a criminal prosecution in 1952—homosexual acts were illegal in the United Kingdom at that time—and he accepted treatment with female hormones as an alternative to prison. /.../
(Alan Turing (see wikipedia here) was one of the fathers of IT; contributed to Hut-8, a code-braking machine during WW2, promoted usage of algorithms ...)

  Imagine, just try to, that the guy/lady is innocent. HELLO?!
In dubio pro reo is what I'll say, before I go on for hours and hours.

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