petek, 27. november 2009

New Moon a.k.a. Chippendales: The Return

Oh! Hi!
  (Didn't see you there, was busy thinking about all the rock-stone abs we've seen in cinema last night.)
  Yep, finally, thursday was here and thus Twilight: New Moon. Better than Twilight, but that's probably just because this time people on the screen were actually talking instead of just looking pretty and flabbergasted. (I Like the word, though I don't know where it came from...)
  Don't get me wrong, I like Twilight. One might go even as far as to say I'm sort of a fan, and I wouldn't dispute. But-uh, I dunno, lots and lots of pedowolves going around. The Pedowolves  The plot itself is great, of course, hail Stephanie Meyer (except for the little fact that she acts like a little girl - it's internet, lady, and thousands of Twilight fans have nothing to do with loyalty of your 'friends' and book five).
  • they use original quotations (or minimally changed)
  • we get to see more Jacob and less Edward
  • Aro is absolutely fascinating, great
  • Love the red, Volturi eyes
  • Alice is cools, as well as Jazz - inspite the fact he gets all crazy for Bella
  • the movie is actually a movie and not a ... screening of a therapy (movie 1)

  • Oh, btw, if you haven't seen it, you gotta watch the trailer.
    And then see the cracked trailer: here. Guinew Moon.
    If you've seen it: see the funny trailer.

    Oh, also this is quite nice: Laurent being a rastafari vampire. A guy dubbed over all the original scenes, it's hillarious. (The lips are a bit disgusting, but hey! who's judging?)

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    new moon je v redu. :)
    hm. mejhen popravek: napiše se twilight. ne twiGlight.

    lp, n.

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    O, hej;)
    Erm - aja ZAATOOO mi je VEDNO podčrtavalo to v editorju? ;)