četrtek, 09. maj 2013

Ex-girlfriend shooting dummy from Zombie Inc

Hello? Haallo?

I will just re-post a comment from Twitter, by @SaraLang
"I just...I can't even...Do we really have to explain why an ex-girlfriend shooting target is problematic? "

If you ask me, this is totally the same general theme as the poem from War-time Martin Niemöller (wiki): "First they came for the Socialists..."
As also the famous song of Bob Dylan*, in my eyes/ears, it speaks about not acting ... when bad things are happening to your neighbours, friends, people you know or do not know ... but if the roles were reversed ... wouldn't you want compassion and action from thy neighbour?

"Company sells female mannequin shooting target called "The Ex." 1/3 of US women murdered are killed by their partners"

"A life-size "ex-girlfriend" shooting target that bleeds when shot /.../ Opponents of domestic violence have launched a campaign against Zombie Industries, which featured a number of its bleeding target dummies at the recent National Rifle Association conference."
Source: http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/201305072115-0022738

*How many times must a man turn his head ... and pretend, that he just doesn't see? (Blowin' in the Wind, Bob Dylan)

I thought of not posting a photo with this thread, but heck, I want you too see it.

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