četrtek, 16. maj 2013

What the *blip* is SUGRU? The future needs fixing.

SUGRU is awesome. So is their success story.
"We'd sent Harry Wallop at the Daily Telegraph Technology blog a pack to try out. He gave it a 10/10 review. Wired and Boing Boing saw it and linked to our new site.
Things started to go crazy. New links came thick and fast. Our first 1000 sold out in 6 hours.

We put another 2000 packs up for pre-order. We said that it'd take us months to ship the orders. They sold out in 10 hours.
Everything was different now. How could we make more?!"
Read more about it here: Sugru/story.
Sugru sticks to most anything.
But what is SUGRU? The word comes from an Irish word for 'play', as the instigator herself says.
In less obscure, but still not technical terms, its this freakin' awesome material that adheres, sticks to almost any surface/material and has bendy/sticky/hard ... properties {depends on the way you treat it at home}. In their words, it's a 'self-setting rubber'. For yet more technical words, see the technical details at the bottom of the about page. They also have neat datasheets in pdf and things.
I first got to know it through a video and immediately fell in love with it. Check the video here [youtube] or browse through different ones on on their SUGRU official site.
The rest of the site and their approach to life, products and fixing them is equally charming and playful.
Exibit B:
"Food safety
Once cured, sugru is inert, but people can be allergic to anything, so we have to tell you to be careful. sugru isn't certified as food safe yet, but we're working on it. For now, please resist the urge to eat it.
Oh, btw, their slogan / motto is: Sugru. [Because] The future needs fixing.

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