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Bill FCUKing Murray

Who is this guy, then? Well, if you don't know him, you might want to check Bill Murray on IMDb or on Wikipedia.
The original You're Awesome!
dude. Still from Stripes (1981).
If you're familiar with the concept, please, just read the stuff below. It'll blow your mind.

Bill Murray Answers questions on Reddit:  (or see Monuments Men Movie post on Facebook here).
This is also a good story to read: 12 Insane Things That Happened On My Night Out With Bill Murray | Dec. 3, 2013, by Alex J. Mann.

And while you're at it, 10 Stories That Prove Bill Murray Really Is The Most Interesting Man In The World |January 10, 2014 |, with pictures of Murray doing some crazy siht here.

If this isn't enough for you (I know, some of the jpgs are slightly lame or just ridiculously incredulous, so you're wondering - is any of this shit true?), you should check out the web page dedicated to collecting (sometimes fictional) Bill Murray stories, conveniently titled: Bill Murray Stories. There are real BM stories out there, though, see this about a party in St Andrews or this one (which might be the same event, actually).

"And you know, it's a lesson to all of us, to take what you love and make it the way you live your life, and that way you bring love into the world."

- Bill Murray on Reddit AMA session
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And if you didn't already, you really should see Groundhog Day. It's pretty nifty.

Also, in case you were wondering, the title of this post alludes to some other posts on the net and the movie where it sort of started, Zombieland (2009). See clip with Woody Harrelson here.

Aaaand, if you want to groove a bit, while you leave this site and go someplace nice with palmtrees painted on, you can also listen to Bill Muthafuckin Murray on Youtube.

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