sobota, 11. januar 2014

If Men Had To Do It, It Wouldn't Be Done

Disgusting. And people actually have the guts to ask me why I am so passionate about #gender portrayal in #media? What I'm talking about is this video.

Got that video from a blog post titled "if men had to do it…it wouldn’t be being done".

On the bright side, there was this video, made by College Humor (US), which points to rather skewed ratio of boobs (and female nudity in general) VS sausages (err.. male nudity). Titled: Think Seeing A Little Male Nudity On TV Is Too Explicit? Then ... It's Time To Hear The Hard Truth.

Which is quite related to: If Men posed like motorcycle babes:: quite funny, see it here.

See also Representation Project, which is all about promoting gender equality in the media, as creating a public response when a particularly "juicy" content is brought to their attention.

BTW, if you use Twitter, use hastag #NotBuyingIt and tweet about such things. ESPECIALLY when there are big sports events up and about, like SuperBowl (see: here).

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