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Getting back your eyesight, naturally

Sooo, after too much reading and mostly, spending too much time behind the screens (thesis work, then private stuff/surfing), I seriously noticed my eyes deteriorating. And as I was lucky enough to come across people (M.J.) that use techniques to improve eyesight, I contacted them, got some info and then looked it up on the net.

Below is the result of my search, a compilation of links and videos I suggest to anyone, including me.

[Note, if you doubt a lot of these things, just skip to links 11 and 12. And then possibly return to using the rest.]

What resounds most deeply with me is the thought that eye muscles can be trained. Sure, lenses can be tricky. But if you could see well before ... and your eyesight deteriorates, maybe it's time to ask yourself why. Why why why. For me, I look at screens or books for 8-14 hours per day. And I think I may not be the only person in this world (10).

Another thing that resounds with me is the next two:

"The professionals - Optometrists and Ophthalmologists base their profession on theories that are more than 150 years old. The official line is that your eyes will get worse as you grow older, and there is nothing you can do about this except wear corrective lenses. They need to be strengthened every so often as your eyesight deteriorates. Not a very promising picture except for one thing - it’s not actually true." (9)

And: 'The glasses do absolutely nothing about the under laying reasons you can’t see. Most people have the experience that their prescription slowly gets higher and higher. Some people actually avoid visiting the eye doctor for as long as possible so they don’t get stronger glasses.’' (7)

Remember, though: you need to invest time in it. If you spent 4 or 8 or 20 years of your life, looking at books and PC screens most of your waking hours (10), thereby deteriorating your eyesight, then maybe you should consider investing some minutes per day into restoring it.

Meir Schneider - Yoga for Your Eyes (1).
This guy used to be almost completely blind and he didn't accept it. So he took up a method, the Bates Method of eye exercises at age 17 and practiced it for up to 13 hours per day (2).

There's another book (8) and a mix of techniques, taught by Leo Angart, who, after wearing glasses for 26 years, got rid of them. And that was in 1992/3.

(1): Mier Schneider: Yoga for the Eyes
(2): Mier Schneider's page

(3): Interview with world renowned vision trainer Leo Angart

(4): BBC4 short interview with Leo Angart, two students and an ophthalmologist:
> practice 10 times a day, for a few minutes, for 5-6 months

(5): Google search for Mier Schneider

(6): Google: natural vision training

(7) From a FB post: link to source

(8): Angart, Leo (2008). Improve Your Eyesight Naturally: Easy, Effective, See Results Quickly. Saffire Press. pp. 89–90. ISBN 978-3-937553-08-5.
(9): Regaining your eyesight naturally - is it possible?

(10): Study: Minority Kids Spend Most Waking Hours Plugged In To Media | June 8, 2011:

(11): Computer Eye Strain:  10 Steps for Relief:

(12) If you're more of a "don't believe this esoteric crap" kind of person, here's Paul McCartney to teach/tell you about Yoga for Our Eyes:

(13): Hint about the Bates Method: Don't start staring at the sun. And at least until somebody else then you says you can, maybe it's good to drive with your glasses :)

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