torek, 17. julij 2007

Come what may ...

Obviously something from Moulin Rouge, witch me kinda likes. (Witch is there for a purpose - it is H-3 days and counting till HP and book 7!!! AAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAA!)
But to cut to the ... err ... chase? Chest? Dunno the expression ...
I've been to this blog, see. A wonderful one. A gist too pinkish for my taste, but hey - she's a wonderful sexy little Mexican girl and she likes pink, musick and stars. So for all I care, she can have it pink, dusted with a faintest whisper of cinnamon, for all I care:)
Ah, the reason for this post would be ... unveiled in about three, two, one ... (In a ratio Three:one? Oh, zee golden cut?;)
So, on this blog, there was ... sort of a list of things yet to do or not to be done or to wish to do ... er ... so this caught my attention:
4 Places You've Been In The World...
01. England
02. Slovenia
03. Canada
04. China
Love it;) And the other I didn't love that much. You see:
5 Things You Want, But You Can't Afford...
01. a star tiffany necklace
02. a ticket to london
03. a driver (and a car)
04. a yeat at Sheffield uni.
05. the jamboree
I understand about the driver ... It has been said in Shrek2, even. Also about the necklace.
My comment was and is: ... don't worry. About London and Jamboree and ... a driver WITH a car;) Things come and go and if you only let it be, you will see, that everything happens for a little special reason, even though it is, at the moment, yet to be revealed.
If you don't believe me, read Paolo Coelho: O Alquimista;)
EVERYBODY has their own PERSONAL LEGEND they should be living. We just let petty worries of life get in the way.
... Come to thoink of it: we let life get in the way .. of life? Eeee, that can't be right, can it? Oh, wait - life is life, na na na nana, life --.- is life!

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Valerie pravi ...

awww so sweet!! I know, whatever has to happen is going to.... haha i did understand!!! thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Luv, xxxx