torek, 03. julij 2007

Organsko-kemicno vzdusje ... aaarggghhh

Why is it so with things in this world, namely school (/faculty), that when you don't wish to to something, you have "all" the time in the world and when you finally have your typical "yougonnadieifyouwontstudy" inner-parent-character (Freud would probably call it super ego) telling you that you "better get down with it, or else ...", you just run out of it (i.e., time)???

google Phenyl-Alanin

Sure, (and this may sound like Marcel St., Jr. - it IS him, actually), you KNOW you should study and that you better do, should you wish to have a good job and opportunities, but ... -oh, look, a birdy! :) Aaarggghh - why is it always so hard to get down to work systematically and just ... start working on that organic-Chemistry -test-that-is-supposed-to-be-THE-hardest-in-this-semester-and-it-f*** -IS-believe-me-when-I-say-it-is ... eee ... just for an example.Merely figuratively speaking. ... eeee ...
So, as you've managed to gather, I should've been studying organic chem. long prior to today ... but in the midst of the Slovenian pre-summer and end-of-school-year euphoria, with all the exams building up to just like three successive weeks, IT IS really hard to be AS organised, as to study zoology, maths, anatomy, botany and physics, just as a side dish to organic chemistry, for which alone you need two-three weeks of 8 hrs per day of adamantine studying.

As you could've probably already deduced from above, creating and writing a blog in THIS time of the year will probably not come on top of the list: "1000 SMARTEST THINGS I EVER DID IN MY LIFE".


I'm gonna die! (well, that's news for yeh!) No, really - aaaa --- organic chemistry actually really rocks, but I've completely ran out of time .... AND BRAIN CELLS, unfortunately.

Zakaj nimam teleporta do Hawaijev in brezskrbnega življenja? Tud zato, ker rabim/-o izziv/-e, je res, je res.

Mhm, I better go study some more ... though in vain TODAY, it should prove usefull SOMEDAY ... anyway ... :)

Charles Joseph Natoire: the expulsion from paradise

This translates as: "Oh, God (a.k.a. my father, on his good days)! Why do I have to study (this much)?" -He's saying: "So you'll get summat in t'is pumpkin of yours!" -SHE is crying, since she knows what all of this means: a lot of indoors (ie, studying INSIDE) for ME this spetember ... aaarrgh - and for her - a certain lack of my vicinity around HER :head-explode:

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