sobota, 28. julij 2007

Deathly Hallows on the Jamboree

I'll just say: simply cool. A mastery. Joanne Keathling Rowling had pulled off one of the greatest storylines in history of bookwriting, bookselling and possibly, English literature. (I said one of, not the best!)
Great work, Jk!
Jamboree itself: is amazing, as events of crazy youth, crammed together in a tight spot always are. But the organisation is a bit slack ... not nearly as good as it should be. But there's 40 000 of us at the last estimations (!) and such magnitude of people is always hard to control and keep satisfied. They are also expecting to see 70 000 daily visitors in eight days, so about 9,000 per day. (I'll be there, to mann them onto and into the site, get them to laugh and stuff).
A centenary of Scouting UK 2007.

For some of the girls, though, it's been quite thrilling as well: young master William walked unto the stage and wore a scarf .. nice touch:)
Looking quite serious about it on the photo, though.
And he SHOULD be! 'cause there's enough grief and sorrow in the world to last us for a lifetime (Tibet, Uganda, Sudan, East bank, ..., Palestine refugees, ... stuff ... and all the countries of the "third" world. (
Though he might have just been worriying that he might get crampled and suffocated to death by the weight of all the oncoming scarfs of scouts that they were giving them to him:)

We have facts written ob boards here, cause it's a one world, one promise THINGY (Blazh, eat yourself) and we have sort of sworn we'd try really hard to overcome difficulties of todays' world. And we come back to the Cree prophecy, don't we:) Here it said: An average Englishman uses about 135 litres of freshwater every day. In Zimbabwe, a person uses 4.5 litres a day. Amongst other things.
Peace in, Aljaz:)

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Valerie pravi ...

wow!!! amazing book! loved it, i was surprised with every page i read!!
Sad bout hedwig tho! haha
Hey get me a handsome boy from the jamboree!! haha u can pack him and send him to me!

Aljo pravi ...

I'll just need your photograoph:)
Is a cute guy from Colombia ok?
We made friends with Swiss, Colombians, Brasilians, Dutch ... Scottish, it's great!

Are you coming to sweden?:)

Valerie pravi ...

I am!!! well, its in my plans!! im going back to the scouts once theyre back from the jamboree, then might become troop leader in bout 2 years... and hopefully, get to go to the jamboree!!! yay!!!
haha yah, doesnt matter where from, anywhere is ok, if he´s cute!!! u can get me more than one also!! haha like one of every country!!! haha
let me know if ure getting my txts... and go to my brother!! pls pls do not forget!
te quiero esnayo!! mwa!

katie mccreadie pravi ...

a fair summing up, well done sir!! hope your having a wonderful time in Edinburgh! i had a great time up north but now i'm frantically trying to clear the jamboree detritus from my room before all my friends come to stay for my birthday, an impossible task methinks!! let me have your postal address/email at some point as i have to mail you your poster katie x

Aljo pravi ...

I believe that shan't be a problem no more, since you've already been acquainted with my e-mail address.
(Golly-wee: I'm turning into a britton! Yeesh!)
Oh, I'll post you my regular mail address, just not over the blog, safer ways do exist, believes I.
Cheers, Valerie and
Katie (miss your smiles:)