četrtek, 05. julij 2007

Out of ord... town

"We're going out of town, yeah!"
Zadeva je taka, stoji pa takole: grem. Mu ah ha ha. For those of you who can actually bear with me (bear ... since you obviously prefer furry things) and my so-called blogging: I'm outta here!
I'm a scout! (why, lord, why?:)
As U2 would sing it in The Wanderer: 'I went out riding /.../ told her I'd be back by noon ... Lifted some stones, saw the ... /.../'
Be back JUST in time to buy the NEW Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

Aye, this be my one obsession for thee month of Jeh-ly, yeh filthy ... vagabonds! You're off the edge of the map, mate ...
//capt. Barbosa to capt. Jack Sparrow

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Valerie pravi ...

I saw HP5 already!!! amazing!!! wow, i think i understand slovene now cuz i can read ur blog, that or ur very gud now with ur spanish!!
luv, val*