sreda, 24. december 2008

All the ... small thinigs ...

While going back through some of the drafts for the posts, I stumbled, like a wee drunken dwarf, upon the following lines:

This will be a rather cheesy post. I will talk about love.
Not really, actually. Love needs no taking about. Just as life and moral and ethics and ... money .. need no talking about. Everyone can fall in love. And everyone can loose their beloved. It's called Time, also knowns as: Life.

Read, educate ... think. And you will KNOW.
Know naught and ask, consult the Uncle Google and do many things, apart from deep thought and self-searching, not exercising any empathy on the fellow beings .. (see, it's not just us, humans I'm talking about.)
(we go back to the future, ie, to the present (what a lovely word at this time of year;) and continue thus: )
A funny thought just struck me yesterday: just of the Animal kingdom or tszar-dom, or phila or whatever, in the Phillum Crustacea (crabs etc.) there are know approx. 67.000 known species.
NOW. ... For the fungi ... numbers get even better (and wetter?): I think we heard last year they're estimating the numbers to be 4 million (of the wee fungi, yes, Mycotina).
NOW ... of the 250.000 plant species (and more are being discovered, the only setback being the demolition and degradation of the natural world, a small thing, don't you fret a bit) ... of the uknown number of Microbiota, microorganisms (new are being discovered every day, ... and nobody knows, where the number will stop, since we're melting (AAAAA, I'M MEEEELTIIING, MELTING!!!) the unimportant icebergs and the whole continents, apparently (here: for one of the numerous articles on the subject)

new microbes are being cast, demons from the ancient past (when WE were but strains of forming DNA in one of the ancestors, lurking and hiding out in the undergrowth), unto the light of the New Days.
And NOW, consider this:
Homo sapiens is but ONE (1, let me spell it out for us: o n e ) of the species, of the myriads of different life forms, living on this used-to-be-blue-and-green-planet we could once call home.
But ... it's not all so dark, I know, I know.

Thus - love. Another concoction of proteins, enzymes and superfluous fluids, running through our bodies, unknowningly turning us into subjects of our hearts' desires.
Making us addicted to the mere sight of those we cherish and love the most. Making us suffer almost undurable pains, because we are not with whom we'd want to be (if that is the case). Painstakingly tearing away the fibers of our hearts until they are instantly healed back when we are together. But cracks remain .. And through them, the very essence of our beings seeps, the pigments of imagination, writhing on the cold, cold eeyrie air of the reality.
For hearts fear the world .. and it's coldness. Not often are they willing to expose themselves to the whims of chance, that brutal Mistress of the Words and Words ...
I'm off with the fairies, I guess, so I'll just stop.

Anyways, folks, wish you the very best of what's left of the 2008
"Farewell, wherever you are, till your eyries receive you at the journey's end."

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