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Free the Sleeping Giant (Dragon) ... ie, China

Sleeping Dragon, Crouching Tiger and all of the things from Jet Li, as well as stretched time-space continuum to include Marco Polo, who brought but a few things with 'im back to ole Europe... AND met with Kublai Khan, grandson of the great (?) Genghis Khan - back when greatness was determined by how much wealth and people you have, serving under and around yeh. Also, building ever-lasting monuments is but one of those eency weency little thingies (like they did in Egypt or India - Tadž/ Taj Mahal, say).
(Yes, paper, gun-powder, spaghetti/noodles, compass, sextant, things like that, you know, not much really;) Oh, travels on the silky road ... go ever oooonnn, down from the Venice where it began;)

Now this will probably be enough for my blog to be removed from the internet, since China is a People's Country ... how very appropriate, so nearly after the day of human rights, for me to spell this out: China is free.

Free of prejudice, tyranny, neglecting smaller towns and villages, entire ethnic groups. I think PR of China is a good example of how a country can stick together and not let outsiders brake-in, demolish what we have fought so hard to retain: Chinese vulture, sorry, culture, it's Great and Noble history and all else.
Here's a short quote from Wikipedia:

The last Chinese Civil War has resulted in two political entities using the name China:
* the People's Republic of China (PRC), commonly known as China, has control over mainland China, and the largely self-governing territories of Hong Kong (since 1997) and Macau (since 1999).
* the Republic of China (ROC), commonly known as Taiwan, has control over the islands of Taiwan, Pescadores, Kinmen, and Matsu.

Who am I to judge - I know not of these heavy historical facts and/or words, said and done in the times past, ... - to say that Tibet should be a free country would be blasphemy, probably. I can only cite what people have written before me:
The government opposes publicized foreign travels by former and present ROC officials promoting Taiwan's independence, such as Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian, and other politically controversial figures, such as Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama of Tibetan Buddhism, in an official context.

Also, human rights, as I have already pointed out, have a place of special interest in this world: old Shakespeare would probably say: "Much ado about nothing!" Thus, I giveth to thee, a picture, (said to be worthy of thousand souls! Sorry, words ...):
Surely, a great and under god, a humble nation, stands for its people, you will ask? Yes! Even more so: the Enemy lies within ourselves! Thus to defend our great nations' best interests, we sometimes have to fight our own internal enemies (which are supposedly everywhere, so we must be prepared!!), even at the cost of human life & rights.
Separatists (such as Tibet ... I gues?) have to be at least isolated, for they hurt our economy and good-will of the working nation.

And so forth and so on. I don't know. I've said enough. I really like a book called "On the roof of the world, by Tomo Križnar (web page of the author here). Also, a link to one of the previous articles I posted: here: Free smiles capaign. (And here about the Pulitzer price-winning photograph (after which the photographer allegedly made a suicide: Naomi Kline and NoLOGO ... consumers.

I'll just Finnish offff with two things, without comments:
It's sad we go from this, the wonders of the (ancient!!) world to the "modern 'wonders' of the world". (Tianamen Square, Sudan, Tibet, Darfur, Apartheid, South America, ..., and to finish of with the climate "crisis", mmm, coup de la theatre!)

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