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What's with people and horror movies?

What's with people and scarrrry movies? I'm watching one right now ...
And boy, Peter The Hook is not the guy you want to mess with;)

But seriously, serieuse! Why is it that some people (majority? Naaah, I don't think so. Majority just tags along.) really (?) like seeing bloody limbs, teeth and hair trashing about all over the screen?
Personally, I've sorted the (scary) movies into a few categories:
- all ELSE (Japanese stuff?;)
Now, your typical Biology Horror movie is Alien. So we have a monster and a lot of pretty damn scared humans, usually at disadvantage because the Monster either has:
shiny teeth and/or claws / inbedded daggers (of the Wolverine type) / spits poisonous saliva or is otherwise very gruesome indeed.
NOW- other movies of the category (it's become pretty stretchable over the years) are: The Dark Side of the Moon (never saw it, just guessing - saw a couple of clips whilst I was but a boy and it gave me willies, ...), Species (not actually a horror movie) ... Body Snatchers, Puppet Masters and stuff, I'd probably squeeze in as well, in spite of their SCI-FI affiliations. You have your Tremors (not really a horror either) and stuff ... Aha! Dracullllja and assortment of fine Zombie movies, including the aw-it-was-but-a-fine-day-in-school-until-some-government-experiment-went-DEAD-wrong-and-the-light-reflected-from-the-weather-balloon and ... You get the picture. Example would be Fly and Fly 2, but I never saw them either, so I'm just guessing. (Despite obvious similarities to The Green Goblin, the Fly IS and Spider-man ISN'T a scary movie ... Not unless you look at his tights too much, anyway;)

NOW "WACKOS" would include everything from Friday the 13th (although it could be claimed by "Biology", since there's a lot of insinuated sex&nakedness there;) to Freddy Crugger and all of the Jack-the-Ripper type of movies. Also (never saw it) the Shining, I guess? (Is this the one with "HERE COMES JOHNNY!!") would go herewith.

Engines&Gadgets is something for Adam Savage, I guess, but also - every terminator-type-of-or-a-Marvin-from-the-Hitch-Hiker's-Galaxy-gone-CUCKOO!/LOCO! is this type of movie. I can't seem to recall that much of these, but all the fancy stuff or people like ... Well, the SAW and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and stuff sort of drift between the "Wackos" and "Gadgets", since it has a little bit of both.
BUT: The Car (or what's it called) and Panic Room, ... that sort of goes here.

There's another category which I sort of forgot: Suspense&Ghosts, now THAT really deserves a category of its own. The Fog ... Sixth Sense (not really, but this type of movies) ... a couple of X-Files episodes go here as well. Anything with weird aliens and Alien stuff sort of shifts, in my opinion, somewhere between here and 'Biology', The Thing (never saw it, just sort of know the plot), things like that. Oooh, The Children or what's it called, they go here as well ... Iiish! Aha, and Pet Cemetary (trust me, If you see it alone, at the age of 13 (yes, 13!) you think it's pretty scary!)

Hem ... I know a lot of these things, for a guy that "doesn't watch horror", eh? Or not, who am I to judge? (Judge Dread ... hm;)

And no, havent' forgotten Critters: Biology, Gremlins .. well, ok, if you insist - Biology. (Does it show my field of study has sth to do with "Life sciences"?? ;)

One of the scarriest things I've ever saw was this one over there and here:
It's from the Season 1 of the X-files (back then they made series that were made to LAST!!;): Darkness Falls (had to goodle, doodle, google it myself). Click here to see/read what I'm talking about.
Now, seriously - you definately think at least thrice before venturing out in the forrest (being alone or not is irrelevant when facing weird critter and/or spidery stuff from "abroad") ... for another 10 years (or at least two, trust me on that one, do.) [Here is an article about best ten (10) episodes ever ... surely, there has to be something about our little green flesh-eating mites ...;)]
Again: Cheer up Dorothy, it gets a lot worse! ;)
If you never knew who Eugene Tooms was, all the better for you, I can say. (And much better still, if you haven't seen the Episode. (I'd be right here, to add in "yet", wouldn't I?;)) You sick horror-loving bastards! ;)
Fight. Hehe;)

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