torek, 12. avgust 2008

Let's play ...

Let's play with numbers, just a little bit.
But first - "a human life is ... priceless"? (Innocent person without (proven) criminal record? Say it is a postulate to ponder.

In the previous post, we've seen a reckless display of usage of numbers and language - let me remind you:
"This fight is about 70,000 people who feel more affinity to Russia than they do for the breakaway state," Thompson said. "It's not the sort of fight that raises major issue for the U.S. and it's not in a strategic location to warrant our deeper involvement."
Now, lets dance! 1500 dead (no matter on which sides), out of 70.000 (he says for the region, although CIA worldfactbook states population of Gruzija/Georgia is about 4.630.841 (July 2008 est.) Now ... if we play dirty statistics (which we seem to see quite a lot, especially for commercial and political use, gosh knows why), 1.500 dead out of 70.000 (S. Ossetia) equals to roughly 2,14857 percent of the population.
Funny, the population of USA is 303.824.646 (July 2008 est.) and 2,14857 percent would mean a meaningless 6.510.646 dead people. I wonder If they'd say that It's not the sort of fight that raises major issue for the U.S. ??? (For comparison: estimates for the supposed genocide of jews, the holocaust, is now held at roughly 6 million //is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II.)

Now let us be a bit more fair: 1500 is 'only' 0,032392 percent of the entire Gruzian/Georgian population ... but that would still mean, say, 98.414,87 dead Americans! Wicked - that's ... three times the was in Iraq! See here, it's supposedly 30.490!!!) Not a big issue ... Elections are won and lost, wars are fought for those kind of mistakes and misjudged sentences.
Yeah! In some parts of The Arabic world they would've held big celebrations, compared with those after demolition of the Death Star in Star Wars. Probably. Or to put it like that: in the Hurricane Katrina events and days that followed, supposedly 1,836 or 4,081. (Don't ask me - supposedly the numbers for holocaust are much, much smaller, thus the 9/11, Katrina, the numbers - we don't know. Or do we? The Free Masons probably do. ;) I'm evil, am I not?)

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