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Russia and "Georgia" a.k.a. Rusija in Gruzija

If I wanted to be sarcastic, I'd probably say: "Rusija in Gruzija, what's the difference?!" (The phrase has layers, like onions, mind yeh.)
Firstly, two countries attacking each-other, two bordering countries, two armies, clashing and killing and murdering and pillaging ... I see no difference. Sure, if it was OUR war, I'd probably say that the side I'd be on IS right. SUre. Or not.
Secondly, the names sound (at least in sLOVEnian) quite the same - see above.

Am I the only one who noticed the drop in EURO vs. american dollar? Is it really not that important that Russia is regaining some of the territory previously already theirs? Isn't it so that perhaps Georgia wanted to be attacked? Mind you, if CIA comes to fetch me down for "interrogation" (obviously, because I am a direct threat to the big US&A and a known ter**st in my country (they're probably monitoring every site that mentions key words, so why give them (another;) reason;)) ?

On an interesting page I was recommended just yesterday - What really happened? And one of the links: an article on Market watch.

I'll just post the "cream":
Heavy weapon systems, such as the F-22 Raptor being built by Lockheed (LMT:
Lockheed Martin Corporation (Holding Company) (Last: 112.88+0.82+0.73% 4:02pm 08/11/2008 and Boeing (BA: Boeing Co. (66.62-1.24-1.83%), along with ships, tanks and artillery,
will be in higher demand as the U.S. positions itself to check the growing challenges posed by Russia and China, Nisbet wrote in an industry note.
"This fight is about 70,000 people who feel more affinity to Russia than they do for the breakaway state," Thompson said. "It's not the sort of fight that raises major issue for the U.S. and it's not in a strategic location to warrant our deeper involvement."
Though Georgia isn't a member of NATO, President Bush has lobbied for the country's inclusion along with that of Ukraine. European allies, however, have mostly opposed the effort, saying the countries aren't stable enough, but also out of concerns over Russian reaction. (source: MarketWatch, 11. 8. 2008)
And OF COURSE it has nothing to do with pipelines of any sort. Especially not the ones that would hold within them natural gas. And definitively the timing wasn't of essence, since it doesn't matter that the 900 million "project" of various American media houses and companies, the Olympics, are - just coincidentally - happening at the same time.

Zanimiva pa je tale objava na spletni strani od Dela, iz leta 2006. Pripenjam samo delček.
Delo, ned, 12.11.2006: Tbilisi - S presenetljivo večino so se volivci gruzijske pokrajine Južna Osetija na današnjem referendumu, ki ga mednarodna skupnost sicer ne priznava, opredelili za neodvisnost od Gruzije.

"Ne gre za simbolični referendum, kot ga skušajo prikazati v več zahodnih državah," poudarja predsednik Južne Osetije Edvard Kokoiti. "Ta referendum bo odgovor tistim, ki ne priznajo želje južnoosetijskega ljudstva po svobodi, in tistim, ki nam želijo vsiliti politiko dvojnih meril," je dejal pred volitvami/.../
in pa:

Referendum o neodvisnosti so tokrat v tej pokrajini izvedli že drugič. Južna Osetija je namreč že leta 1989 glasovala za združitev z rusko republiko Severna Osetija, vendar je odločitev gruzijski parlament preklical. Po razglasitvi neodvisnosti Gruzije leta 1991 so izbruhnili spopadi med južnoosetijskimi silami in gruzijsko vojsko, ki so jih ustavili z mirovnim sporazumom leta 1992.

In naj še kdo reče, da se zgodovina ne ponavlja! Bah.

And just to make it into their logs: kako smešno je, da je Gruzija ravno tako zanimivo pozicionirana ... kar tam, desno in malo nad Turčijo, Azerbajđan, ... o, lej: Iran. Hm hm hm.

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