torek, 25. november 2008

El tango de Roxanne

El tango de Roxanne ... listen to Ewan McGregor and you'll understand.

It's true, thought, that I only hope this has music with it, ..., for I am at the library and noooo way, there'd be a *play this file's music* type of a command allowed. Oh, no - too many nerds have taken the control over their computers, thus, spite or better - just short of it happening again, they've taken the music out of the machines.
New era ensued. The Time of MusicLess PCs. But there was a computer made, inside the Library, a computer, with a power to play a tune as he saw fit. His name was TrueNote.
Perhaps a great story, it will remain shrouded in the corners of my frail mind, coiled in a corner near the centre of my world, where it is still warm. (AND NO, I HAVEN'T been watching ANY of the Matrixes lately. Not since last year, anyway.)

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