sobota, 01. november 2008

Let love shine ...

Something I found whilst searching the net and answering 'older' emails:

I'm getting all nervous
and I guess there really is something to do with her and me,
for the girl I think I'll marry
is coming to town, ...,
I've got my guts spilled and my heart sliced
all over my room,
there's no more room ..
to make for anyone but her.

is. And i am.

But will we ever be - together? Sure we will!
(But, will it be soon, though?) Stand still, my heart, fear not!
It shall be --- or not, naught fear, thy shall know love
for thou art a being of light as well as She.
Stand still, my heart, fare not,
don't decline thy wonder and
let our expectations rise to meet the Sun that is Her face.

Fear not, hate not the hours that separate you from her,
my love.
Strive not to end your bond to
pain and hurt
of the world ...
Embrace it, take it also upon you,

as have others,
granted, of considerable size,

but others still.
Let your love shine forth
let your voice be heard
let love rule
and for us all,
for the sake of our own peace of mind,
smile. With all your heart, Heart,
and She will come.
Yes, if ever she wants to,
she will.

She has to, else I perish and wane.
For my manly mane
is not as Max Payne,
shall not fade away and a stone
nor bird cannot undo that sole shot,
that sole try thou shall make, don't cry
if you fail, it is to no avail,
drop that veil
and bail
out your love from dungeons unheard
let your love soar
let the wind under your wings bear you,
where the sun sails and the moon walks,
as John Roald would say.

Shine the light, shine on me,
take a chance on me
shall you say to her
and then, in swiftness, you should leave her.
But only for her to return,
whenever she deems right and true.
Fear not, don't feel blue.

Have a little faith in me
my little one, for through this Sapphire sky
things great and small will give out their cry
for Her, and You, together,
as once you were.
Stand still, or hummm it, (I) care naught.

But buzz, wriggle with excitement,
let love shine through you
and fill the domiciles of peoples minds.
For they are also Beings of Light.

Bah! It is well late
and restful slumber
awaits me,
as does you, My Love.
Good night,
sleep tight.
Hope that She's not the one to bite.
(At least not much.)

//By Alan Featherstain.//

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