četrtek, 27. november 2008

This land (Disney's: THE LION KING)

Say what you will, BUT (cute one, too:) Lion King is probably the BEST motion picture cartoon ever made by Walt Disney (studios), in their golden era, which can, thus, easily surpass the cartoons of today, made by Dreamworks, ...
Ok, ok .. I admit - let's put the words "in its zanre", because there's the Ice Age, Shrek, Madagascar, Happy Feet and things like that.
So - Lion King is THE best in the 'olden ways' of how they made them.

It has been a phenomenon, though - never has a cartoon amassed so much audience through the years, I'd say. But it was exceptionally successful, as well: last time I saw the data, (it was well over 4 years ago), it was OVER 400 bilion us dollars worldwide, which is and was unimaginable for the time. (That is, for a cartoon to go as far.)

So, I give it to thee: the last scene in the picture, with music from Hans Zimmer (click here for official discography), his web page here. HE, for yee of little faith, has made MUSIC. And also quite good one, I can add. Almost in the league of Great John Williams, whom my friend and I discovered a couple of years ago (say roughly ten).

Zimmer has written, or has been a music producer for, among others, films like: Pirates of the Carribbean, Batman: The Dark Night, As good as it gets (Jack Nicholson!!), Gladiator (Russel Crowe), Perfect Storm, Thin Red Line, Broken Arrow (Kurt Russel?), The Rock (Sean Conrey, etc.), Twister, Cool Runnings, Thelma&Louise, Bird on a wire (with Mel Gibson), Rain Man (Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman).
Getting the idea, right?
Well, not quite, see. Latter of his creations include: The Kung-fu Panda, Angels and Demons (not yet out), Madagascar2, Iron Man, Simpsons the Movie, The DaVinci Code, Madagascar, Batman Begins, Shark Tale, King Arthur, ...
I could stop, couldn't I? Well, I will, since I think you get the picture (ironically) of what he's done for the movie world. If we seem to not quite see eye-to-eye, I suggest you take ... Gladiator .. and see it without music. Without THE MUSIC, wherever it is in the movie! It's like ... pathetic. Every movie is. That's why, ..., every movie HAS. Music. Ah, so poetical right now;)
So yeah - here it is, have fun, kids;)

Oh, yeah, and this one is actually even almost better: Here, then. (Actually even almost better? What kind of a phrase is THAT?!;)

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