četrtek, 28. januar 2010

Life's not fair ...

... and then someone (just another someone) comes along and gives you a cookie. You can't help but to smile.
  And so you move on. Into the void. OR, if you're in ta better mood, into the sunlit, sunny afternoon ... These mood-swings may be quite lethal - for the heart at least. But, alas (or, in our great luck), our hearts are like sponges.
  They just suck up everything. Even the darndest things. The backstabs. The unsung loves. The forbidden and terrifying secrets ... everything... They just suck it up. In all the senses of the word. ...the sorrows, the pains, the small and great joys of life ... the best sexes, the great happiness you've felt ... the disappointments. And yet, they do not stop.     At least in the majority of cases.
  But what if a heart stopped feeling a certain spectrum of life's trifles? If, hypothetically, you'd be Numb for love. In the Name of Love would be just another song.
  I'm having a quarrel with my heart at the moment. He wants to feel sorrow and mourn on ... I say move on ... and, at times, I encourage him. (I'm a libra.) Darn it.
  Today I say let it all burn. Starting with everyone's left shoe. That oughtta wreck some kaos and havoc.

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True, true

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