ponedeljek, 08. september 2008

9/11 after 7 years

Egypt and Moses or whoever had The Dream, would've known what I'm talking aboout.

Thing is, see - even though I was a wee bit younger, I still remember myslef crying out on that Tuesday: "This wasn't just the planes! The whole thing collapsed so neatly -- it's like when they're demolishing buildings ... and they don't want any additional, heh, collateral damage ... That's when they do THIS:
Now I'm not saying this is an official view of things, neither it is my own. I'm just saying that some people put stuff on the internet. For it just so happens, that The Twins ... well, let's just say that they 'went down' rather neatly. Peculiar, eh?

And inaccordance with what was just said (- funny, there's also a clip on you-tube - well, more of them ... you could also try searching u-tube 4: "the hidden mystery on the 20 $ bill" - bu that is just bollocks, I say.), a video post bellow speaks for itself. Not that I share any of the anti-government views or conspiracy theories involved and mentioned. No. (The largest conspiracy is that of the Polar bears that want to take charge of Coca - cola: supposedly they're moving the huge amounts of ice from the polar caps, to unknown location of the new Coca-Cola factory site in Guadaloupe or something. Weird. :)

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