nedelja, 14. september 2008

Not the end of the world? Well, It's the NEW Large Hadron Collider, LHC

Available in stores NOW!
(Just kidding.)
(/What?! You think it's inappropriate to joke of these things? Watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre or any of the 'horror' and thriller movies they're playing right now, like for exaple esta pelicula, and tell me: the murders in Australia, one year ago, Austria, year and a half, Magdaline, ... McCauli Caulkin was just a petty begining, people. So don't tell me of jokes in the modern, "civilised" world, OK?!)
Some info:
7 terra ... something,
14 terra other; near-the-speed-of-light-travel-of-protons, 7 000 something other and 14 000 other ... It's sounds very educated. I dig it. Can you?;)
Oh yeah, and you should see Dan Brown's video on "The end of the world .. tomorrow?!!!"

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