sobota, 13. september 2008


And I own that phrase! Geez, we were but kids when we started writing SLOVEnia on the post-cards and on letters, really. I can prove it. With friends from school and all over Slovenia ..
And now - somebody really clever has obviously had an enlightening chat with so from the post office and made a discovery: S LOVE nia .. wow. No way, really!
And thus, the "I feel SLOVEnia" slogan was born. Pathetic. But o.k., really.
(By the way, d'you know what and where OK comes from?)

But really - I think I'll kind of get to hate google's blogger for this. Why? Well, you can set the date of the post, can't you? And even this is on the 13th of september 2008, somebody, after they steal Simply Slovenia from me, will say - naah, you did it after-wards. Well, f*** it! It's about time for me to get to know the patent office and stuff;)) Want my money, man.
Anyways: Slovenija really is beautiful. Thus proving the upper cut. Errm. Or the upper photo. Or both, I don't know - we have quite a good judo team. (Or so they say.)

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