četrtek, 04. september 2008

Ike & Josephine Turner? Get it? ;)


Yeah. The title itself is rather meaningful already, but for those less experienced in subtle messages detection, I'll be straight (I am, anyway. Not that I don't support them;), I LOVE them ... as friends and acquaintances, for sure).

I said, not from geometeorological data but merely from ... a hunch. The name Ike has "historical" written all-over it. And If Ike will be anything like Ike, then ... we .. whooops - they're in for an awful lot of "inconveniance".

I'd like to comment also on the oil prices: the gist being - (also see my previous posts) - how can they still do this and people buy it? It means that the political will of the so-called free nation(s) and their willingness to open up their minds .. has just gone down the drain. Probably sometime when Valentine's day was promoted madly (see wikipedia and delve into the history a bit, back to the days of joyful celebration (and whatnot), lupercalia, in Roman Empire's times.).
Anyways - this is just the begining ... of a beautiful friendship: on the news today: America has interest in keeping the Kavkaz region safe. Thus giving a coupple of a million dollars to Georgia, Gruzija, for ... restoration and peace ... keeping. Of course, not oil-and-Europe-in-the-CLAAAAWWWs-of-the-world's-deadliest-nation type of thingy. Not, not as such. Not really. For sure.
... ? ...

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