nedelja, 14. september 2008

US "making progress" towards ... East

It about this: 'Another US strike' hits Pakistan.
And a map, for those of you, less prone to Uncle Google searchings: map of Pakistan.
And map of the region .. here.

Now. Tell me: how ignorant do you have to be to not notice the fine location and ... next-one-to-another-fulness of Afganistan, Iraq, Iraq, Pakistan, India (Kashmir) and Iran, to finish with? (Alright, granted, people even get paranoid .. but people don't make mistakes - I wouldn't say if there was ... an experiment of some sorts.. I don't know - in US or Russia or Cern, ..., and I bet my head no one would say, in this modern day and age: "Uh, the world's going to end like - tomorrow!!!" Nobody, 'cause people read, right? They .. think, before they act, they ... educate themselves before they let blabber leave their mouth. Right? Right?:)
It's pretty obvious, though:

I heard from some people - can't remember exactly, who, but: I heard that perhaps the US&A will "look into ... say... 'freedom situation' in Iran." Yeah, Iran as well. Here comes Sammy!
That's why we need Barrack Obama, ASAP, as soon as possible. Well, heeeellllooooo, november 2008!

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