sobota, 13. september 2008

Blogger's detention ... and why my middle name is D.

"No, no, no ... It's Austin D. Powers." [turns to the 'woman'] "Danger's my middle name, yes, baby."
//Thank ... somebody .. for Mike Myers. Let him "go forth and multiply";)

Thing is .. noone can say and really mean it: ...

Being a blogger is apparently quite an exciting way to go. ;) (To the prison. Oh, I'm sorry - is "prison" not a "politically correct" word? Sorry.
prisonprisonprisonprisonprisonprisonjailprisonprisonprisonprisonjail) Lol. Whoops. Sometimes my tongue just goes off with the fairies on its own.

But that's my point: how politically correct do you need to be, in order to be let
Think about it.

And then tell me if names like ... Jani Sever, Bob Kennedy, Diana (The 'Princes'), and stuff like that has anything to do with the gist, the topic? Probably not. I'm just asking, I don't know. I'm just saying that they could have anything in common.

And then tell me ... Is it really weird the types of modern day diseases we're facing?
This, my friends, is Why I for one, think living your life to the foolest ... erm ... fullest is really something worth doing.

Ko bi vsaj vsi na svetu razmišljali indijansko. Wikipedia: Cree prophecy.

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