ponedeljek, 22. september 2008

F r e e ... a t l a s t.

InkheartJe peux dire que c'est comme quand tu [read] une livre tr`es interessante: like the time when I was reading a book called: The of lost things. Quite fascinating book, but as if of pure habit, depicts the scenes and 'adventures' of kids in the 2nd WWar. But still - book about books. Much like , from Cornelia Funke, which is .. simply awesome.

But what happened to me ... is ... a BIRTHDAY - like Joe Felice would call it, "in the old testament sort of way", id est, A REAL BIRTH-DAY. (Again, I mean it in the "Mutant message down-under" Aborigini way.)
[The above link, ie., the anthropological view of the matter, has not been checked by me, so ... at your own risk. And meaning also, that it doesn't necessarily reflect my own opinion(s).]

More about it soon, but: AUGUST 2008 and everything that follows May 2008 and now sept. '08 is just awesome.
Peace out!

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